NEW RECYCLING CALENDARS: New city recycling and garbage collection calendars are available at City Hall or click the above link.

Commercial Recycling

Pittston City Code Section 412-5 requires all commercial businesses to operate a recycling program with at least 3 items to be recycled.   Examples of recycling items include aluminum/tin cans, plastics marked with the recycling symbol, high grade office paper, newsprint, corrugated and flat cardbard.    The business must contract with a recycling collection company that will regularly collect recycling and provide a report on the amount and type of recycling collected and the disposition.

For smaller businesses, the Pittston City Streets & Sanitation Department can provide weekly recycling collection.  Please contact the Street Department at 570.654.1160 for more information.

Per state law and Pittston City Code Section 412-5[c] each commerical establishment must submit an annual Recycling Report to the City of Pittston.  The city wil mail these forms every January and they must be completed and returned by the due date.

For further information on commerical recycling requirements, reporting and collection, please telephone the Pittston City Recycling Coordinator at 570.654.0513 extension 223.

Waste Oil

For more information regarding waste oil disposal, click HERE.

Residential Recycling

Pittston City Code Section 412-3 requires all residential properties to participate in our municipal recycling program.

The Pittston City Streets and Sanitation Department collects recycling curbside  as set forth in the city recycling calendar.

Information on the types of recycling collected can be found by clicking here.