• No work shall be started prior to the issuance of the UCC permit.
  • Completion and submission of this application does not guarantee or constitute permit issuance.
  • Residential: Allow 15 days for review.  Commercial: Allow 30 days for review.
  • A signed copy of the signed contract must be submitted.
  • New construction, additions, decks/porches and structural alterations: Attach a complete set of required plans/drawings and construction specifications to this online application.
  • New Dwellings and Commercial Buildings:  In addition to the electronic submission of the required plans/drawings and construction specifications, submit two (2) copies of required plans/drawings and one (1) copy of required construction specifications
  • By submitting this application, you hereby certify that you are the owner or are acting on behalf of with full authority of the owner, that the information provided on this application is true and correct, that any necessary zoning, land development or other approvals have been granted and you agree to conform to all applicable laws of the City of Pittston and Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (PA-UCC). You further agree that the Building Code Official and all assigned code inspectors shall have the authority to enter the property and building described in this application to inspect the premises and enforce the provisions of PA-UCC and applicable codes, laws and ordinances.

To apply for this permit, please complete and submit the application at the link below. You may also download the form as a PDF and email it to