Today, City Officials conducted another Neighborhood Action Team (NAT) sweep on Swallow Street. Today’s sweep resulted in 19 properties receiving Notices of Violation for issues such as high grass and weeds, retaining walls, soffits and flashing, and accumulation of debris. The Police Department tagged 3 abandoned vehicles, issued 1 parking violation warning and directed the removal of a  handicapped parking sign no longer in use. The Fire Bureau checked 10 Hydrants in the area. 6 were found to be in good condition; 3 had loose caps and were tightened; 1 had small rocks jammed under the stortz locking spring and were removed and caps tightened. The Street Department operated the Sweeper and deployed workers to remove debris from the roadway. The Facilities Management team weed whacked sidewalks and curbs that had an abundance of weeds and overgrowth in addition to the significant, ongoing work at West Park. More unannounced sweeps will continue to occur throughout the City.