About the Seal of the City of Pittston


Lord William Pitt the Elder, Prime Minister of Great Britain for whom the City of Pittston is named; underneath Lord Pitt is a portion of the Pitt Family Coat of Arms (pelican and anchor)

Flanking the Shield:

Left: A Coal Miner holding a mining pick, representing the anthracite coal mining heritage of the City

Right: A Native American holding a bow, representing the original inhabitants of the area of the city

On the Shield:

Center: A Keystone, the symbol of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Left and Right: Native American tepees

Top: The blockhouse of Fort Pittston, a Revolutionary War era defense for the colonial era settlers of Pittston

Bottom:  A coal mining “coal breaker” building symbolic of the anthracite mining heritage of Pittston

Crossed Pickaxes: Also representing the mining heritage

Banner:  “Progress” is the City’s motto