In Pittston there is a little bit of history around ever corner. From the time when Native Americans settled along the river, the arrival of the European settlers, the American Revolution through the Age of Anthracite and beyond, Pittston’s history has a very interesting story to tell.

Try your hand at archeology by volunteering at the Coxton Rail Yard archaeological site run by the Frances Dorrance Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology where Native American artifacts have been found that have been dated as far back as 8020 B.C. Drop by the Greater Pittston Historical Society in the Pittston Memorial Library to review records and artifacts from Pittston’s glorious past. As you visit Pittston, make sure to look out for the blue historical markers found throughout the city. Each marker explains the historical relevance of the particular site and will give you more insight into Pittston’s history. Some of the events you will learn about include:

Fort Pittston

Twin Shaft Disaster

Pittston’s Garment Industry

Knox Mine Disaster