With a history extending over 200 years, Pittston City has seen Native American settlements, colonial settlers,  wars over land claims (did you know that Pittston at one point was part of Connecticut?), Revolutionary War battles, the rise of the anthracite coal industry and much, much more. Take your time and review the history of the City of Pittston.

Interested in learning more about the City of Pittston?  The Greater Pittston Historical Society collects and preserves the history of the Greater Pittston Area.

Pittston in Colonial America and the American Revolution

Learn how Pittston grew from its initial surveying in 1768 through the role it played during the Battle of Wyoming and the American Revolution. LEARN MORE

Pittston in the Age of Coal and Steam

With the discovery of anthracite coal in the region, witness Pittston’s rise from a small frontier village to a mining town built on coal. LEARN MORE

Pittston And the Decline of Coal Mining

AT the height of the coal boom, no one thought it would ever end. Slowly but surely, coal mining began its decline and Pittston had to adapt LEARN MORE

Pittston: A City Reborn

From the heights it achieved during the anthracite age to the depths it saw in the aftermath of the coal mines closing, see how Pittston City has emerged once again as the Gem of the Wyoming Valley.  LEARN MORE