The HOME Rehabilitation Program provides assistance to lower-income households who reside in the City of Pittston to make code related improvements to their homes.


Eligible Participants

  • Applicants must own and occupy the property as their principal resident
  • All property taxes, sewer maintenance and garbage fees must be current
  • Applicants must meet the income requirements
  • The improved property value must be less than 95% of the median sales price

Eligible Activities

  • All items necessary to bring a home up to code
  • Address lead-based paint hazards

Maximum Amount of Financial Assistance

  • $15,000 per dwelling unit with an additional $9,999 with RDA approval
  • Forgiveness of loan will be made with a 10-year term
  • Funds are forgiven each year the owner resides in the home


*Income from all sources. Limits are subject to change each year.

  • 1 person per household: $40,150
  • 2 persons per household: $45,900
  • 3 persons per household: $51,650
  • 4 persons per household: $57,350
  • 5 persons per household: $61,950
  • 6 persons per household: $66,550
  • 7 persons per household: $71,150
  • 8 persons per household: $75,750


To apply, please complete the Pre-Application Form and send to Beckie Latona, ATTN: Beckie Latona, City of Pittston, 35 Broad St. Pittston, PA 18640, or by email

After receiving the pre-application, you will be contacted to discuss the program and future steps.

For assistance or questions, please contact Dina Shaw at 570-654-1090 Ext 232.