Fire Code Inspector

Phone: 570-655-6663
Fax: 570-655-6663

Location: 20 Kennedy Street, Pittston, PA 18640-1820

The City of Pittston has adopted the 2009 International Fire Prevention Code as the Fire prevention code for the City. There are some amendments to the code in the enacting Ordinance, please consult Pittston City Code Section 260 for the full ordinance.

The Fire Prevention Code is enforced by the City of Pittston Fire Code Inspector who may be contacted at the Pittston City Fire Bureau by telephoning 570-655-6663.

The Fire Inspector assists the Office of Property Maintenance Code Enforcement in conducting inspections of residential properties for fire prevention code compliance, and operates a preventative fire code inspection program for all commercial, educational, and institutional use structures within the city as required by Pittston City Code Section 248.

Fire Prevention Code Ordinance File of Council #7 of 2013

Fire and Rental Inspection Ordinance File of Council #6 of 2013