Monthly Matters
A Pittston Community Program

“We believe our community and the quality of life of our residents is important. We believe it is not enough to simply state this creed but that we must back it with long term observable action. In response, we are establishing Monthly Matters. Monthly Matters is a commitment on the part of this administration to dedicate one full work day per month of facilities staff and volunteers to a selected community volunteer project (i.e., cleaning up a cemetery, aiding a senior citizen or disabled individual with basic outdoor maintenance). Projects will be selected by a committee and submitted by application. It’s time to lend a hand or 14 hands.-Mayor Michael Lombardo

Please submit all applications to or drop them off at the Treasurer’s Office in City Hall located at 35 Broad Street, Pittston PA 18640. Project applications will be reviewed by the committee after submission. Please note submission does not guarantee selection.

Monthly Matters Project Application

Volunteer Form