As defined by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pittston is a Third Class City and operated under the state Third Class City Code, until 2013. Following approval by the electorate, Pittston City’s government began operating under a Home Rule Charter effective January 2, 2013.

Under the home rule charter, the city is governed by a five member city council comprised of 4 elected city councilmembers and the elected mayor, who, in addition to being the presiding officer of the city council, holds additional executive authority as prescribed by the home rule charter. There is also an elected city controller and elected city tax collector/treasurer who hold specific duties as set forth in the home rule charter. A professional city administrator appointed by the city council oversees the day to day operations of the city government.

The city government is housed in City Hall, located at 35 Broad Street, a historic structure opened in 1939.