Under the Home Rule Charter, Pittston City continues to be governed by the City Council, comprised of the elected Mayor and 4 City Councilmembers.  The City Council holds all legislative and executive authority pursuant to the Home Rule Charter, which includes the enaction of ordinances and resolutions; the approval of contracts; the approval of the city budget; and the levying of taxes and fees.  Additionally, the Mayor serves as the chief executive.

The City Council holds a regular public council meeting each month and calls special meetings as necessary.

The current City Council for the City of Pittston includes:

Hon. Michael Lombardo, Mayor
Hon. Samuel Argo, City Councilman and Vice Chair
Hon. Kenneth Bangs, City Councilman
Hon. Joseph McClean, City Councilman
Hon. Mary Pat Melvin Scarantino, City Councilwoman

All members of the city council may be contacted via the administrative offices at City Hall at 35 Broad Street.

Additional information on the city councilmembers

City Council meeting schedule