Emergency medical services in the City are provided by an independent, non-profit entity known as the Greater Pittston Regional Ambulance Association.

The Association was formed in 1952 by a small group of community-minded volunteers who recognized the need for professional, pre-hospital care in the Pittston area.  The Association began operations using one ambulance unit which, for many years, was housed in the basement garage of City Hall.

As its heart, the Association is a volunteer organization.  However, due to modern day realities, the Association now largely utilizes paid, professional emergency medical technicians and paramedics to staff its mobile intensive care ambulance units.  Minimally there are four personnel on duty at all times manning at least two ambulance units for every shift. Additional units are manned as circumstances dictate.  The Association operates out of its headquarters located in the heart of the City’s downtown at 83 South Main Street.

The Association has progressively evolved over the years to become one of the most advanced emergency medical providers in the area.  The Association recently merged with neighboring Jenkins Township Ambulance Association forming one of the only regional emergency medical providers in our area.  Upon the completion of the merger, the “Regional” moniker was add to the Association’s name to underscore the importance of this new and exciting cooperative.  In addition to Pittston City, this service also provides first-due emergency medical care to our neighbors in Jenkins Township and Yatesville Borough.

The Association also operates the only community-based paramedic service in northern Luzerne County, designated Luzerne County Medic 29. Medic 29 provides advanced life support coverage, not only to the Association’s first due coverage area, but to nearly every other community comprising the Pittston Area and Wyoming Area School Districts.

The Association conducts an annual subscription drive allowing residents to subscribe to the Ambulance for a small fee.  Any subscribers to the Association enjoy the protection that they will not be “balanced billed” for any charges not covered by their insurance policy.

The Association encourages anyone interested in its operation or emergency medical services in general, to contact the station for further details at 570-654-1202.  The Association will occasionally allow interested individuals to schedule a “ride along” allowing civilians to experience real life emergency medical calls.

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors as follows:

President – Frank Roman, IV

                        Vice President – Michael A. Lombardo, III, Esq.

                        Secretary – Laura Mudlock

                        Treasurer – Mark Simko, Jr.

Board Members –

                        Michael Ankenbrand

                        Patrick Gilligan

                        Justin Nocera


 Operational Command Staff-

                        Chief of Operations – Robert Kane

                        Deputy Chief of Operations / Training Coordinator – Edward Szafran

 Administrative Staff-

                        Administrative Coordinator – Mark Simko, Sr