The Pittston City Police Department was established by Ordinance on April 26, 1895. Today’s modern department operates out of Pittston City Halland provides professional, full-time police protection to city residents, visitors, businesses, and public property.  For police emergencies, please call 911. 

In addition to full-time patrolling and call response, the city police department also operates a police K-9 unit and specialized detective divisions.   The Chief of Police also chairs the city Traffic Committee that makes recommendations for changes to traffic flow and parking in the city.

Kyle Shumosic

Kyle Shumosic

Chief of Police

Mr. Kyle Shumosic currently serves as Chief of Police.

K-9 Initiative

The Pittston Police Department maintains a specially trained police canine to assist in special operations. Our police dog was purchased with generous donations and we continue to accept donations to offset the operating costs of the K-9 unit, including dog food, veterinary care and the K-9 transport vehicle. All donations are gratefully accepted!  Click here for more information.

Citizen Notification System

The Pittston Police Department uses the citizen notification system, Nixle.  Your police department and other local municipal agencies use Nixle as a publishing system. Messages are created and assigned a priority level ensuring important information reaches you in a timely manner.  Messages are targeted to specific geographic regions. If your address falls within this geographic area – you’ll receive the message. Add as many locations as you’d like from across the country.  Enter your mobile phone number to receive messages by SMS (text message). You can also choose to receive emails, or simply view the messages by logging into your Nixle account. You decide!  Sign up below:

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