The Pittston City Streets and Sanitation Department was established by ordinance on August 21, 1896.  Today, the Streets and Santiation Department is a full-time professional municipal public works department. The Street Department provides weekly residential garbage, recycling and yard waste collection and is also responsible for the maintenance of all city streets, city parks, and public property.

The Street Department is located at 2 Tunnel Street and can be telephoned at 570.654.1160.

Regular operating hours are Monday through Friday 7am to 3pm.

City Begins Panama Street Infrastructure Project

A city contractor (RLE Enterprises)  has begun work on a large infrastructure project on Panama Street.  This project consists of the replacement of a more than 150 year old underground stone sewer culvert.   This old culvert is in poor condition and has been failing for a number of years.  The nearly one million dollar project will include replacement of the stone culvert with modern plastic sewer pipe; installation of new modern manholes and street drains, new curbing and sidewalks; and repaving of the roadway.  There will also be an upgrade of the water main on part of the street by the PA American Water Company.  Also included in the project is installation of street drains and repaving of Quinnan’s Alley, a small roadway connecting Parsonage Street and upper Panama Street.

Work on Panama Street began in December 2020 and is expected to continue until September 2021.  Residents and motorists should use caution when traveling on Panama Street when the contractor is working and should be cautious of areas of disrupted pavement until the work is completed. There will also be periodic parking and traffic flow restrictions.  Please follow all posted signage in this regard.

This project is being funded from a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer Grant awarded to the city in a competitive application processs; Federal Community Development Block Grant Funds administered by the City of Pittston Redevelopment Authority; and by the City of Pittston Sewer Maintenance Fund which is funded through the city’s annual sewer maintenance fee.   The project is being administered by the City of Pittston Department of Administration; the Pittston City Department of Streets and Sanitation and the Pittston City Engineer, Reilly Associates.   Please direct any questions to Pittston City Hall.


The Street Department will plow and salt all city roadways during and after winter weather events.  Please use caution when traveling during winter weather.  PENNDOT is responsible for winter maintenance on state highways (see list of state highways below).  During a severe winter weather event, the Mayor may declare a snow Emergency that will restrict parking and travel on certain roads that are designated “Snow Emergency Routes” in accordance with Pittston City Code Section 455-35

2021 Recycling Calendar

NEW RECYCLING CALENDARS: 2021 City Recycling, Refuse and Yard Waste Collection Calendars are available at City Hall or click the above link to see the calendar.


The Facilities Department maintains parks and playgrounds throughout the city.

For information on our parks and playgrounds, click here. 


During the last 7 years the city has seen a considerable amount of road repaving completed in both the downtown business district and on residential roadways. Several million dollars have been expended on these improvements that include:


In 2019, paving bids came in above the budget and the decision was made to hold off for better prices, and road-paving resumed in 2020, with the following streets being repaved:  Searle Street; Laurel Street; Grandview Drive; Rear Tunnel Street; Halford Alley; and Carroll Street from Hunter to Radcliffe Streets.

In 2018, the following streets were repaved: Cliff Street; Tompkins Street from West Columbus Avenue to West Street;  Garfield Street;  West Oak Street;  West Frothingham Street; River Street from West Oak Street  to near West Frothingham Street.

In 2017, due to costs incurred in the March 2017 record-setting blizzard, no streets were paved.

In 2016, the following streets were repaved:  Butler Street, East Columbus Avenue, Dewitt Street, Ormsby Alley, Spring Street, Market Street, Wood Street, Stark Street, lower Church Street.

In 2015, the following streets were repaved: North Main Street, Parsonage Street, East Frothingham Street, East Oak Street, Cron Street, last block of Carroll Street.

In 2014  the following streets were repaved: William Street, Kennedy Boulevard, John Street, Lower Market Street, Swallow Street, Defoe Street, Bolin Street, Atlantic Alley, Curtis Street, Wilford Streeet, Reap Street.

In 2013 the following streets were repaved: New Street from Cornelia Street to the City limits; Wilford Street from New Street to the dead end; Dock Street from North Main Street to Kennedy Boulevard; Water Street from North Main Street to Kennedy Boulevard; Cron Street from Water Street to the terminus; Morgan Lane

In 2012, road-paving included:  Plank Street, Broad Street, Front Street, Union Street.


Residents may now include grass clippings with yard waste. Yard waste must be in open containers at the curbside.  No dirt or rocks can be collected. Branches must be cut to not longer than 4 feet and bundled. Please follow the Recycling Calendar for yard waste collection dates.  Thank you!


The state is responsible for street maintenance of Main Street, Plank Street, Mill Street, Searle Street, Kennedy Boulevard, Parsonage Street, Williams Street, Laurel Street, East Columbus Avenue.  Call PENNDOT at 1-800-349-7623 for maintenance issues on these streets


The Street Department is in the process of installing new street name signs at all street intersections in town.  The project will take several months to complete, so please be patient if you see signs going up but your street has not been done yet.