The Office of the City Treasurer receives all city revenue and provides regular reports to the mayor, city council, and city administrator on all revenue received.  The City Treasurer heads the office and  is elected by city voters to serve a 4 year term of office.  The city treasurer also serves as the city’s property tax collector and also sells city garbage stickers.  The treasurer also signs all checks issued by the city. For more information on city taxes and tax collection please click here. 

Chris Latona

City Treasurer and Tax Collector

Chris Latona is presently the City Treasurer and Tax Collector  for the City of Pittston.  The City Treasurer’s Office is located on the first floor of City Hall, at 35 Broad Street, and is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm and can be reached by calling 570.654.1090


2024 Pittston City Municipal Real Estate tax bills were mailed on February 16, 2024.

  • Payable at Discount through April 15, 2024
  • Face April 16, 2024 thru June 15, 2024
  • Penalty from June 16, 2024 thru December 31, 2024.

Payment is accepted:

  • In person at the City Treasurer’s Office, First Floor, Pittston City Hall, 35 Broad Street Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm
  • Mail – must include
  • Red box in front of City Hall.

Currently no online payments are accepted for taxes.

Please note that we cannot accept any 2024 tax payments after December 31, 2024 at our location. All unpaid taxes are turned over to Elite Revenue for collection. 


The Pittston City Council has enacted an ordinance for a “Homestead Tax Exemption” for owner-occupied residential homes that reduces the Municipal property tax bill for owner-occupied homes.

Pittston City’s Home Rule Charter requires the City Council to reduce Pittston City Municipal taxes for owner-occupied residential homes. Accordingly, the City Council enacted Ordinance, File of Council #18 of 2012, which provides for a “Homestead Exemption” for all owner-occupied homes in the city beginning in 2013.  This homestead exemption reduces the assessed value for taxation purposes by $15,000, which reduces the property tax bill by $102.75 in city property taxes for 2013 and subsequent years.

The city utilizes the Luzerne County homestead database for application of this city property tax reduction.  If you qualify for the Luzerne County Homestead Exemption used for county property taxes, the Pittston City Homestead deduction will automatically be applied to your Pittston City municipal tax bill. If you believe you qualify for the exemption but are not receiving it, please contact the Luzerne County Treasurer’s office.

2024 Pittston City Refuse Fee

Pursuant to Pittston City Codes Section 412-11 and 412-12E requires the owner of each unit in the city to pay an annual fee for collection of refuse (garbage).

The current April 2024 thru April 2025 fee is $225.00 if paid by June 30,2024.

After this date a $50 late fee will be assessed. Every month the bill remains unpaid thereafter, an additional $10 late fee will be assessed.

Refuse bills are mailed every April to the Homeowner of each property.  The year for refuse runs from April to April the following year.

The bills may be paid at the City Treasurer’s Office, 35 Broad Street, Monday thru Friday 9am – 4pm, online, by mail, online or placed in red box in front of City Hall.

All payments made online, thru the mail or placed in red box in front of City Hall require an additional postage and handling fee of $5.00.  Please specify the address you would like the stickers mailed to.

The 2023 Orange/White refuse stickers can be used thru your last refuse pickup of June 2024.

Annual refuse fee must be paid prior to any additional sheets of stickers being purchased.

The Streets and Sanitation Department will not collect any garbage that lack a current 202-2024 purple refuse sticker after June 30, 2024.

One complete sticker is required to be placed on each bag of garbage. Maximum bag weight is 30 lbs.

If you did not receive a Refuse Bill in the mail, please notify the Treasurer’s Office at 570-654-1090.

Pursuant to Pittston City Codes 412-11 and 412-12E for residential buildings with a minimum of six (6) or more units or commercial buildings who utilize private haulers, the Exemption from Residential Refuse Fee form must be completed and returned to the Treasurer’s office prior to June 30, 2024. This form is located on the main page of the city website, or a copy may be obtained from the Treasurer’s office by calling 570-654-1090 or requesting one by email at:

Tax Certification Requests:

Please complete the Tax Certification Request Form and email to Please click on the “PAY NOW” button and choose “Tax Certification Fee” in the drop-down box. The fee is $25.00 per parcel. Please be sure to include an email to return the certification. If you would like to complete this form and mail a check, you can do so by sending the form and check payable to Pittston City, Pittston City’s Treasurer’s Office, 35 Broad Street, Pittston PA 18640.

Once we receive the request and payment, we will return the request to you.