The Redevelopment Authority is accepting contractor bids on a home rehab project in Pittston. Please see below scope of work documents and reach out to Shannon at or 570-654-4601 ext 237 to request a full bid packet. Arrangements can be made to do a site visit to the home to prepare your bid.

Work includes:

  • Replacing 2 large double hung windows – bar room
  • Replacing 4 double hung windows – bedroom 1
  • Replacing 3 double hung windows – bedroom 2
  • Replacing 2 double hung windows  — bedroom 3
  • Replacing 1 double hung window – bathroom
  • Installing GFCIs in kitchen
  • Installing GFCIs in 2nd floor bathroom
  • Installing GFCI protected receptacle in 1st floor bathroom
  • Installing wall sconces in 1st floor bathroom (just install, owner has fixtures)
  • Replace 150,000 btu boiler
  • Install smoke alarms in bedrooms
  • Lead based paint stabilization as outlined in the lead inspection report