Pittston City’s Home Rule Charter requires the City Council to reduce city property taxes for owner-occupied residential homes.

Accordingly, the City Council enacted Ordinance, File of Council #18 of 2012, which provides for a “homestead exemption” for all owner-occupied homes in the city beginning in 2013.  This homestead exemption reduces the assesed value for taxation purposes by $15,000, which reduces the property tax bill by $102.75 in city property taxes for 2013 and subsequent years.

The Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Owner-Occupied properties regulations can be seen in Pittston City Code Sections 436-40 to 436-45. Click the City Code link at the top right of the page to go to the online city code.

The city is using the Luzerne County homestead database for application of this city property tax reduction.  If you qualify for the Luzerne County homestead exemption used for county property taxes, the pittston city homestead deduction will automatically be applied to your pittston city property tax bill for 2016. If you believe you qualify for the exemption but are not receiving it, please contact the tax collector.

Please note the Pittston City Homestead Exemption only affects CITY property taxes. It does not affect county or school district property taxes.

For more information, please contact the Pittston City Tax Collector’s Office by telephoning 570.654.1090.