In order to generate revenue necessary to operate the city government, the city has enacted several broad-based taxes as follows:


The City Real Estate (Property Tax) is currently 6.85 mills ($6.85 per $1000 of assessed value on land and building). This tax is collected by the Office of the City Treasurer and Tax Collector.  The City Council has approved a “homestead exemption” that reduces the city tax bill for owner-occupied residential homes. Property owners are also required to pay an annual Refuse fee to cover the cost of weekly garbage collection and an annual Sewer Maintenance Fee that pays for the cost of improvements and repairs to the city sewer system.  For information on the city property tax click here.


The city also levies a tax on earned income, called the Earned Income Tax at a rate of 2.2% and a Local Services Tax of $52 annually that sustains emergency services.  Finally businesses with income greater than $15,000 annually are required to pay a flat rate business privilege tax of $300 annually.  These taxes are authorized by state law.  Pursuant to Act 32, the Luzerne County Act 32 Tax Collection Committee selects a firm qualified to collect these taxes for all municipalities within the county.   Berkheimer Associates is the designated income and local services tax collector for Luzerne County and the Pittston City Council has also designated Berkheimer to collect the Pittston City Business Privilege Tax.   If you have any questions on Pittston City Earned Income Tax (EIT), Local Services Tax (LST) or Business Privilege Tax (BPT) click here to go the Berkheimer Associates web site.